Modular Wall Solutions

Durable, efficient, reusable, recyclable, beautiful: Intereum products create better spaces for work.

Walls Product Catalog

  • The Breathe™ Living Wall System from DIRTT1
  • DIRTT Modular Wall Solution2
  • Faceted Glass Walls from DIRTT3
  • DIRTT Plug and Play Power and Data System4
  • DIRTT featured at Schools5

Comprehensive Service

Quality products, timely delivery, competitive costs: That is the result of Intereum's full service approach. From 3-D design concepts to logistics and ongoing asset management, we create a sustainable workplace.

Customized Sustainability

Our proven staff of professionals understands your industry. We assess the unique requirements of your workspace and develop a strategic plan that meets your needs. Reusing, reselling, repurposing, recycling – reduce landfill waste and control your costs. It's a better way to work.

LEED Certified Designers

Intereum teams include LEED Certified designers. They develop comprehensive strategies that help you meet your LEED goals.