Office Hours Podcast

Join Candace Nelson and Jessica Volkenant as they dig into the questions and concerns swirling around the unknown future of the workplace. Listen for insights, commentary, and some laughs as they chat with industry experts and innovators to uncover the answer to the big question: "when and how do we return to the office?"

Meet Your Hosts

Candace Nelson

Candace is the CRO Workplace Solutions and Principal at Intereum. She brings over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience to the conversation. Candace has a thumb on the pulse of the market with her stellar customer relationships and leads with a creative and innovation-focused approach.

Jessica Volkenant

Jessica, Sales Manager at Intereum, has over 12 years of experience in the contract furniture industry. With a well-rounded background in both sales and design, Jessica's sales approach is enhanced by the lens of extensive design knowledge. She is a proponent of creative solutions and client-focused sales strategies.

On the Clock

Robert Propst, creator of the first modular office system, believed “almost any space can be upgraded” to allow people to adjust their space with ease and grace without imposing large costs or delays. Together, we'll navigate the best way to achieve an optimized workplace.

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Let's Hear It!

Episode 1: In Conversation with R.J. Stelter

R.J. Stelter, VP of North America Contract Sales at Herman Miller

Clock in with R.J. Stelter from Herman Miller to discuss all things office and work. He brings an energetic perspective and passion to our conversation, and as we navigate the future of work, we revisit with him how the last year shaped his future outlook.

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Episode 2: In Conversation with James O'Reilly

James O'Reilly, President at Life Time Work

Clock in with James O'Reilly, President at Life Time Work. This premium co-working concept by Life Time integrates their premiere health clubs with an elevated workspace experience to deliver a fulfilling, engaging, and productive work-life. He provides an interesting perspective on the dynamic future of work and the opportunities presented by flexible work styles.

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Episode 2: In Conversation with Brian Erlandson

Brian Erlandson, Superintendent of MTCS

Clock in with Brian Erlandson, the Superintendent of Minnesota Transitions Charter School. Schools have been impacted by the pandemic in a drastic way, having to navigate the tumultuous landscape of education while balancing wellness and safety needs of children. Brian lends his perspective on what schools have experienced the last year and how it could impact the future.

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