Transform your day with an opportunity to book an office space to host meetings, dedicate time to focused work, or find a reprieve from the home office.


With the right tools, the right setting, and the right mindset, you can get to work and unleash your creative and productive output. Reserving a space within an office that understands how work works, we ensure you have all the comforts and tools at hand.

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Time is indispensable and for that matter, it’s important to make the most of it. Opening our space to you is a way to find the perfect change of scenery to maximize your and others’ time in person or virtual.

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Intereum is rooted in the meaning “to bring people together”, and we set out with every intention to help our clients, our guests, and our team members fulfill that purpose with meaningful engagement.

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The LINK offers collaborative spaces, private meeting rooms, individual work points, and work tools. It includes access to our resource library, including fabric resources, finish samples, and product manufacturer binders. We provide all the settings, equipment, and resources you need for productivity.

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