glass-enclosed waiting room at hospital with patient bed, stool and computer, mounted TV, sink station, skeleton chart, and various doctor tools

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Promoting Health

Every day is different because every patient is different. What remains the same is the level of care you provide and, in that area, no detail is too small.

The same is true when designing your workspace. You need it to be efficient–it has to fit your patients and the ways you care for them–and you need it to be comfortable. More important, you need a space that inspires you to be your best.

view of patient room at hospital with nurse in blue scrubs on computer next to bed and white rolling cart in hallway next to glass sliding door

Within a single healthcare facility, there can be many specific environments, each with a unique set of requirements. Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff products accommodate them all.

The extent to which a space supports the activities of caregivers and enables the comfort of patients and family members can profoundly impact care quality and patient satisfaction. Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff have been advancing the performance of healthcare environments for more than 40 years, creating spaces that deliver more—today and into the future.

large patient waiting room with doctor sitting on stool talking to patient sitting on bed, lounge chair, wall storage, yellow curtain divider