Audio Visual Design, Planning, & Maintenance

Audio Visual hardware, software, services, and deployment available as a monthly subscription.

Better Budget Management

Eliminate large capital expenses while taking advantage of tax benefits with Audio Visual as a Service. A consistent payment model avoids surprises and allows you to upgrade at the end of the product life cycle.

Peace of Mind

Intereum assumes all risks for hardware reliability and service. We ensure all AV equipment is installed, managed, and serviced with consistency. Our team will manage the life cycle of your AV assets. We will provide guidance on the latest technology and build a path for you to upgrade at the ideal time.

An Integrated Approach

Bundle AV with other Intereum workplace solutions, like furniture or modular walls, for a comprehensive solution for your space. Designing a space while considering all functions and purposes of the environment allow us to ensure seamless integration, coordinated efforts, and the visibility to identify areas for potential cost savings.


We provide a complete set of workplace strategy and AV services. They include space planning, design, engineering, project management and managed services.

Audio Visual Maintenance and Support

Peace of Mind

Let us manage your audio visual needs so you have one less thing to worry about.

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