Office Analytics & Smart Office Solutions

It’s time to take your office space to the next level. Get the tools and data you need to optimize your space, keep your employees safe, and stay ahead of the game.

Tangible information. Undeniable results.

Our goal at Intereum is to help you optimize your time and space at the office. Office analytics provides you with crucial information so you can make informed decisions about your facility based on trustworthy data. To do so, we provide:

  • Real-time occupancy analytics
  • Environmental monitoring and analytics
  • Contact tracing
  • Quarterly workplace insights
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Make the most of your space with smart office solutions & more.

Right now, there’s a good chance that you don’t know how much time people spend at their desks, in the hallway, or in conference rooms. Intereum has unique reporting that will allow you to see that data. Why is this important? The data and tools we provide allow you to get into the nitty-gritty of your office space. You will receive clear results on how often specific spaces are occupied, what technology is used, and where your heavy traffic spots are around the office. We gather this data by using:

  • Desk sensors
  • Room sensors
  • Smart Office & Building Controls
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Safe for today. Ready for tomorrow.

Life keeps us on our toes – but we thrive when we’re standing tall. We’re here to help your business do the same. Knowing the traffic patterns and data of your office space will help enforce new COVID-19 policies so you can monitor and prevent the spread of illness. If you have data showing that you have busy areas of your office, you can be proactive about these high-risk areas by rerouting traffic. Navigate the new normal with Workspace Monitoring:

  • Tracking implementation of new workspace protocols
  • Facility monitoring
  • Floorplate restructuring and adapting
  • Touchless Office and Voice-activated check-in
  • Employee Facial Recognition
  • Temperature scanners

Whether you’re looking to repurpose conference rooms or you need to explore physical distancing scenarios, we’ve got you covered. Office culture has changed and will continue to do so. By adapting your workplace to these changes now, you can become a leader in office design innovation to ensure a safe return to work.

We don’t just stay on top of the latest trends, either; we stay a step ahead. With up-to-date technology and seamless integration from Intereum, your business can take on anything. Get in touch with Intereum today to learn more about what office analytics can do for your business!