Unified Communications

Connect anywhere with Unified Communications.

With so many businesses and people working remotely, Unified Communications (UC) is more important than ever. It’s crucial that no matter where your employees are working from, they have the resources they need to communicate easily and effectively.

When deciding on a UC platform, it’s important to know the pros, cons, features, and more. Intereum is here to help you decide what UC option is best for your organization.

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  • Free individual accounts
  • Host 1:1 meetings or meetings with up to 100 guests for voice, video, and collaboration calls
  • Collaborate and share content with your guests
  • Use your phone, desktop, Mac data connection, camera, and audio features
  • And more!

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To help your employees who are working remotely, WebEx offers a free plan to those working from home.

  • No time restrictions
  • Supports up to 100 participants
  • Phone dial-in
  • Available globally
  • And more!

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful and easy-to-use extension of your Microsoft Office Suite. If your organization uses Microsoft Office 365 (O365), Microsoft Teams is available to you at no additional cost.

  • Host 1:1 meetings or meetings with up to 250 guests for voice, video, and collaboration calls
  • Create teams, like a department, group, or customer team
  • Chat and instant message
  • Easily share and transfer files across the platform
  • And more!

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Building Community Through UC

Technology is constantly evolving, which means the workplace is, too. UC allows employees to work safely, comfortably, and efficiently from anywhere—which is especially important today, as many companies are working remotely. Keep your company thriving and moving forward, no matter, what with the perfect UC program.

To help your remote workers and conference rooms connect effortlessly, get in touch with Intereum! We pride ourselves on making a workflow that is simple and easy to use across the board. Contact us today!