Pairing our specialized team of experts with our robust product portfolio, we create purposeful and empowering spaces designed to accommodate and inspire diverse teaching and learning styles.

At Intereum, we create purposeful and empowering spaces designed to accommodate and inspire diverse teaching and learning styles. From library interior design to classroom technology integration, our specialized team of experts and our robust product portfolio can make it happen.

Be True to Your School: The Importance of Educational Facility Design

At Intereum, we see untapped potential within learning spaces and the impact that has on student development. We identify the dynamic shifts in educational environments and provide innovative solutions for K-12 and higher education to improve productivity and efficiency in the classroom.

We have the capacity to deliver a broad furnishings portfolio, technology integration, modular wall offerings, school library furniture, and more. Intereum is here to help you navigate the intricacies of redesigning your educational space to transform it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Designs Driven by MillerKnoll Insights

Intereum’s design strategy is guided by MillerKnoll’s leading research and knowledge and emphasizes a humanistic design approach. Since the 1970s, Herman Miller’s educational research investigates how individuals fit and function within their environment.

Understanding these fundamentals allows Intereum to design enriching, adaptive, and affordable educational spaces that enhance the learning experience for everyone.

About Intereum's Design Services for Educational Facilities

Our number one goal is to provide you with an educational environment that encourages learning, growth, and connection. By getting to know you and your specific needs, we can create an educational facility design strategy tailored perfectly for you!

Looking for school library furniture? We can do that. In need of a classroom revamp. No problem! Could the library interior design at your facility use some help? We’ve got you covered. Browse our educational facility services and products by clicking the link below, or get in touch with Intereum today to get started!

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Intereum partners with many exceptional brands to provide you with a wide variety of products for your educational facility including desks, chairs, accessories, and technology.

Looking to Upgrade Your Learning Spaces?

Our educational environment experts are here to help. They know the latest trends and products that enhance learning spaces to best support students and staff.

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