Maximize your investment with leasing and finance options from Intereum.

At Intereum, we know that furnishing and designing your workplace isn’t always cheap. However, we also understand its importance. That’s why you can maximize your investment with furniture leasing and finance options.

How Does Furniture Leasing & Payment Planning Work with Intereum?

In order to give customers extra flexibility to set up payment plans, Intereum partners with LEAF, one of the largest bank-owned leasing companies in North America. Through LEAF, you’ll have access to competitive rates, furniture leasing options, and financing structures.

In many ways, leasing your purchase can simplify your furniture acquisition. Furniture leasing prevents you from having to spend too much money upfront, allowing you to have more cash on hand for other investments.

It also helps delay the expense from hitting your balance sheet, if that’s a concern. For these reasons and more, the majority of companies lease at least some of their assets.

Interested in Furniture Leasing? Have Questions About a Payment Plan? Contact Intereum!

To learn more about our furniture leasing and financing options, get in touch with Intereum! We provide financial services to businesses throughout the region and we’re confident we can set up a plan that works for your budget.

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