Spec Suites

We strategically partner with landlords and building owners to create flexible and memorable move-in-ready spaces.

Our Value-Added

Deliver the certainty of a move-in ready space and remove the complexity of designing and pricing office space. Our talented design and project management teams create flexible and economic spaces that will attract tenants. Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Pre-designed FF&E options, including A/V
  • Building-wide pricing agreements
  • Reduced design time, shorter lead times, and overall cost savings
  • Ability to reduce the number of floor cores, drywall, and millwork
  • Financing options to reduce tenant asset outlay

Our teams take a collaborative approach to motivate prospective tenants to lease space, whether they're inspired by the spec suite itself or thoughtfully appointed amenity spaces in the building.

20-30% of every building moving forward should be dedicated to flex space including spec suites.
— Ben Hautt, Co-Managing Partner, Stream Realty Partners

Why Landlords Develop Spec Suites

  • Eliminate carrying costs. You're in competition with nearly 3 million sq. ft. of sublet space in Minneapolis. Furnished space leases within 3–6 months on average vs. the 1–3 year averages for a build-to-suit.*
  • Reduced Complexity: Managing a custom build-out for a tenant is a complex process that requirestime and resources.Spec suites eliminate this stress for landlords or building owners. Instead, it empowers you to determine the layout and design of the floorplate to appeal to a wide variety of prospective clients.
  • Increase rental rates. Tenant spaces that are move-in ready rent for 10-20% higher than customized space.*
  • Attract more tenants. A memorable build-out stands out when touring many locations and it can help prospective tenants envision themselves in the space. Completed space attracts tenants that prefer ease and a quick move-in over a tailored space.
  • Maintain Consistency. For landlords with multiple properties, spec suites can provide economies of scale and standardized finishes. Consistency also allows for tenant growthexpansion into an adjacent space with compatible finishes takes less tenant improvement dollars + time.

*based on national data collected from multiple CRE sources.

More and more, companies are switching to updated office furnishings. Quality design is now a must for attracting and retaining talented workers.
—How to Design an Office Space to Attract and Retain Your Workers, Influence Digest, March 2021.

Why Tenants Choose Spec Suites

  • Mitigate risk for tenants by eliminating the unknowns of construction + furniture costs
    • It's a tenant-friendly market, but inflation and construction costs have been barriers to action for many and fluctuate daily.
  • Organizations are feeling the pinch of depleted staff and human resources. A move-in ready space eliminates busy staff dedicating time to tenant improvement decisions.
  • An innovative workplace plays a vital role in attracting and retaining talent.

Products + Resources

Explore our quality solutions designed for adaptability and flexibility.
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