A Week in the Life of an Unassigned Worker

A Week in the Life of an Unassigned Worker

A peek into how the free address office works for employees.

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Where do I sit?

Meet Jimmy Xiong.

Jimmy is a rockstar Account Coordinator at Intereum and a big proponent of free address. He was kind enough to give us a sneak peek into a typical week for him to see how the unassigned workplace complements his schedule and the variety of tasks he needs to complete on any given day.

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The week starts off with an inbox full of weekend correspondence. Feeling overwhelmed, when I get to the office I set up in a privacy haven to hunker down while I sort through emails and plan out my week. I choose a spot near the windows on a quieter side of the office where I am less likely to be interrupted. Just before 11 AM, I pack up my things. I have a quick lunch in the cafe and then head to my weekly team meeting. After that, I find a new spot with dual monitors to begin working on a big project, with a firm Thursday deadline, for the rest of the day.



I arrive at the office early today and have my pick of desks. Coordinating with my team, I choose a Canvas Vista station with dual monitors and height adjustability since I know I’m going to tackle a lot of busy work today. I sit in a busier area, open to mild distraction to break up my day and making it easy for my teammates to pop over with questions about our upcoming proposal. After lunch, I find a spot at a community table close to a designer I am collaborating with on the project due Thursday. We strategize and work through some questions until it's time to wrap up for the day.

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Today is a heads down work day with that looming project deadline tomorrow. I pop into a reservable private office and settle in to crank out my work – my day is blocked off so that I can focus on this project, but I ping my teammates on the project to let them know where to find me if they have questions or updates. I stop only to chat with my manager to update her on the project status and to eat lunch. These reservable spaces are clutch for days that I really need to stay on task.

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Today is our deadline, so my team takes over a collaborative high top table and works to pull all the deliverables together into one cohesive package. We utilize the large table to spread out floor plans and pricing sheets to be sure everything is accurate. A stressful day, but we beat the deadline and I get to spend the last few hours of the day completing some small tasks that took a backseat earlier in the week.

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After meeting Thursday’s deadline, Friday is much more relaxed. I settle in at a popular project table, open to conversation with coworkers I didn’t get the chance to chat with this week. I head to the cafe for lunch and even pop out on the patio to enjoy ice cream and the weather. Afterward, I start digging into a few projects and chat with teammates in Microsoft Teams to plan out some meetings for next week. The slow day is welcome after a busy week!

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