Enhancing a collaborative professional environment in a new space.

Stinson Leonard Street

Success at Stinson (formerly Stinson Leonard Street) is deeply rooted in collaborative professional excellence and their dedication to great value, service and results. Cognizant of today’s fast-changing economic environments and technologically advanced business practices, the organization took a big step by moving out of their current space of 30 years, and moved to a new space that was 22,000 square feet smaller. Approaching their new space with a fresh perspective, Stinson wanted a modernized, open office space that empowered its employees and enabled more collaboration. However, they needed a partner who would be respectful of their budget requirements.

Prioritizing the parameters of their budget, the Intereum team revolutionized their work space suitable for one of the Nation’s 200 largest law firms. By working closely with the team, Intereum focused on getting the product applications and solutions just right for both the fit and finish, and the price point. Working diligently to source the right product solutions, the Minneapolis Stinson space transformed into a work environment that inspires collaboration, efficiency and high-quality customer service.

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