Elevating the traditional cafe and re-energizing the tenant experience.

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The transformation before and after!

Slumberland is breathing new life into the 4North Campus in Oakdale, previously 3M’s Imation headquarters, and creating innovative common spaces to support tenants, old and new. Forming a one of a kind "Incubology" lab, the new space supports a unique community of start-ups, sciences, and tech companies. They focused on updating an enormous café space, the lobby, small lounge spaces, and coffee bars to provide exceptional amenities for their tenants.


Supporting BDH+Young and the vision, they envisioned designs for a large, open co-working café. As they approached the furniture, they identified their top priorities and the most important for the space to offer variety, connectivity, and mobility. Their intention was to distance themselves from a traditional café and offer better support and options for their tenants. Slumberland trusted Intereum to bring forth innovative furniture ideas to best utilize the enormous, light-filled space – balancing the need for mobility and power solutions with the desire for a variety of settings. It was also very important that the project stayed on budget.

We worked closely with BDH+Young on several furniture iterations to be sure we were making the best use of the space in a layout that made sense. Slumberland’s vision came to fruition and the result is a stunning floorplate of varied settings and postures. It is a beautiful café space that supports the different ways that tenants work, meet, socialize, learn, teach, and (of course) eat.

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