Office space planning and design is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of your interior space and work activities. Plus, now more than ever, having a safe & functional office layout is essential.

Office Layout Designing & Planning

If you're looking for space planning or office design in Minnesota, Intereum has the resources and experience that will surely elevate your space. Working collaboratively with the client team and their design firm, Intereum will develop, program, and execute the office space planning. Our designers in Minnesota have worked extensively with the MillerKnoll collective of brands, as well as many other industry manufacturers to provide the latest industry products and solutions. From developing initial concepts through final implementation, our design staff will organize the appropriate combination of resources, materials and products to achieve the desired environment.

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Cost-Effective Office Design Process and Services

Redesigning your office space is about more than the way it looks. The right office can help eliminate expensive employee turnover costs, boost morale, improve productivity, and more. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of the processes and services we offer in order to provide you with the office space you’ve always wanted:

Define Needs

  • Establish project goals and objectives
  • Furniture needs analysis
  • Establish furniture project budget and schedule
  • A+D firm collaboration
  • Inventory/field verification

Evaluate Options

  • Furniture typicals/options
  • Fit plans and space planning
  • Furniture resources/selection
  • Budget estimates

Final Solution and Implementation

  • Finalize furniture typicals/options
  • Complete furniture plans and finishes
  • Coordination with other trades
  • Final furniture specifications and pricing for order entry
  • Installation drawings and documents
  • Communication during installation

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Intereum partners with many exceptional brands to provide you with a wide variety of products for your office space including furniture, accessories, and technology.

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