Healthcare Design

Transforming healthcare spaces with innovative design solutions that enhance the well-being of patients and staff.

Proudly serving Minnesota, Intereum provides healthcare facilities and clinics with problem-solving solutions that provide comfort, cleanliness, aesthetics, and quality. Healthcare environments require specific experience and knowledge to ensure healthy outcomes. We design modern and adaptable spaces to fit the ever-changing healthcare landscape. As your partner, you are guided by a devoted team that brings years of knowledge, and vendor resources, to the forefront of planning a well-designed facility and experience. We provide integrated interior solutions for the following areas:

Exam & Patient Rooms

Improve physicians’ and nurses’ ability to connect meaningfully with patients while easily accessing supplies and tools. A combination of versatile casework, seating, and technology sets the stage for an ever-widening range of exams, consults, and conversations.

Waiting Areas

Provide a comfortable, calming experience for everyone. Waiting rooms that focus on accessibility and a wide range of people and needs start the care journey off on the right foot.

Administrative Areas

Care teams depend on the right mix of work zones for collaborating with teammates, focusing on individual work, and connecting with patients. Empower people and improve their experience with environments that revolve around what caregivers need to succeed.


Enable quick turnaround times, easy changes, and an environment where people want to work. Modular, durable medical lab components reconfigure easily as processes improve or technologies evolve, delivering efficiency and ergonomic comfort without sacrificing accuracy.


Durable, reusable, and reconfigurable components come together to create nimble pharmacies that power the work at hand and scale to meet the needs of the future.

Enhance Your Healthcare Solutions

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