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Administrative Areas

With the right blend of purpose and human-centered design, your administrative areas can help you optimize real estate, boost your staff's productivity, and foster an engaged work community.

Create a Hard-Working Workplace

Provide the right places and tools for your staff so they can be productive. Flexible, purposeful administrative areas that enable different activities and work styles help your organization run smoothly and efficiently. Even small administrative areas should include places where people can collaborate, use technology, and meet up as a group.

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Nurture a Cohesive Culture

A thoughtfully designed administrative area with collaboration and communal spaces can nurture staff togetherness and increase engagement in the fast-paced, ever-changing healthcare industry. Give your people opportunities to connect and foster a strong sense of collective identity—one that can weather both large-scale, organizational shifts and the day-to-day stresses of high-pressure work.

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Give Back to Caregivers

To center and ground nurses during critical, fast-paced work, they need spaces that enhance their well-being and boost morale. Aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic design helps nurses feel happy, healthy, and invested in their teams. Build a caregiver environment that revolves around caregivers and incorporates human touches that help them feel valued and empowered at work.

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Cut the Costs That Really Add Up

Medical supplies are among a healthcare organization’s largest expenses, and an inefficient materials management system that exacerbates waste and shortages can have a significant impact on bottom lines. Ensure precise supply organization and delivery—and cut costs—with an adaptable, customizable materials management system.