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Laboratory Design & Furniture

By using a modular and durable system of components and Intereum's laboratory design service, you can create laboratories that deliver efficient results and adjust quickly to change.

About Intereum's Laboratory Design Service

Hardworking labs can look good, too. Why should built-in lab casework dictate how your equipment and work areas are arranged? Have labs your way.

Respond to Change

Labs need to be fluid and quick to change, with limited downtime. Modular products with interchangeable components embody flexibility, from first installation to repeated reconfigurations. Utilities can be routed through the structural core from the floor or ceiling and accessed in multiple locations.

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Enable Faster Turnaround Times

Laboratory staff are under constant pressure to improve patient care by increasing the speed of testing. Labs with modular, adaptive components can adjust easily to improve processes and accommodate new technologies and automation, helping increase accuracy and decrease turnaround times.

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Cut Costs with Materials Management

Medical supplies are among a healthcare organization’s largest expenses, and an inefficient materials management system that exacerbates waste and shortages can have a significant impact on bottom lines. Ensure precise supply organization and delivery—and cut costs—with an adaptable, customizable materials management system.