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Exam + Patient Room Design

A purposeful yet versatile combination of furniture, tech, and storage can create the right environments for increased patient satisfaction, improving communication and reducing stress during increasingly diverse types of healthcare visits—from exams consultations to recovery.

Make People Comfortable for Every Interaction

Flexible exam rooms facilitate many different kinds of exams, from intensive physicals to brief check-ups to serious consultations about a patient’s health. Whatever form the visit takes, the patient must feel comfortable before effective communication can occur. Relaxing, clutter-free spaces that flex to the needs of conversations on a case-by-case basis help reduce patients’ stress and make the most of your real estate.

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Bring Family into the Fold

When patients visit and interact with their families as they heal, they're able to recover more quickly and completely. Create comfortable settings near hospital beds where families can visit, connect to power and use tech, and add personal touches that make the patient feel valued and cared for.

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Cast Tech in Supporting Roles

To increase patients’ comfort and facilitate effective communication, exam and patient room technology should take a back seat to people and blend seamlessly into the background when not in use. Displays should enhance interactions, not overtake them, and the patient and caregiver should refer to screens only when necessary during a face-to-face conversation.