Winslow Capital Management

A forward-thinking workspace for their greatest assets.

Office Collab

A team composed of high-performing, best-in-class professionals drives the success, cohesive culture and client-centered focus at Winslow Capital Management. Recognizing people as one of their greatest assets, the organization desired an open space that reflected on their collaborative ethos, rather than one of hierarchy. Situated in the IDS Center with towering cityscape views, Winslow Capital was motivated to create a premier, modern workspace designed around quality, ergonomics and excellence. The environmental design incorporated the Firm’s branding elements for further continuity, creating a strong yet sophisticated space that is both inviting and inspiring.

Office space with glass windows, an office chair, and office desk

Alongside Nelson Architects, Intereum supported the project goals to ensure a workspace where quality, stability and solidarity resonated throughout. With ambitions to create a space tailored to the authentic vision of Winslow Capital, the Intereum team provided unique, streamlined and ergonomic office and ancillary furnishings along with advanced modular walls. Unobstructed views and team adjacencies have achieved the ultimate in professional work environments.

Office Collaboration3