Audio Visual Integration

Audio Visual integration & solutions in Minnesota from the dealer who knows how work “works.”

About Intereum's Audio Visual Integration Services

For over 35 years, Intereum has helped organizations improve productivity and employee engagement with world-class office furnishings and design. Today, customers rightfully insist that audio visual (AV) integrations be seamlessly transferred into these environments. We are now a top audio visual company in Minneapolis and throughout the state.

Audio Visual technology and remote work tools have the ability to transform environments and enhance the way companies work. If you’re looking for efficient, cost-effective, and technology-driven ways to improve your bottom line, it’s time to learn more about Intereum’s audio visual services. From improving the technology in modern offices to enhancing connection in educational environments, we have experience working with many different goals in mind. Keep reading to learn more!

Environments Benefiting from Audio Visual Integration

Office Environments
Harness the power of the revolutionary video conferencing equipment to communicate with international clients. With corporate audio visual solutions, you can unleash the power of collaboration amongst your employees for important presentations, free from the hindrance of remotes and wires. You can even schedule a room to be the ideal climate and atmosphere for a future training session. With Intereum, these simple yet pioneering ideas achieve transforming end results.

Education Environments
With the evolution of technology, its pivotal role in education has been transformative. Remote learning, remote work tools, interactive resources, displays, tablets, and wireless connections are just some of the solutions we provide for your educational space. Create high-impact environments that inspire collaboration and engagement.

Healthcare Environments
Providing secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for healing spaces, Intereum works with solution providers that connect people with information and promote better patient care.

The importance of Integrating AV Office Solutions

Technology in modern offices is constantly changing. With Intereum’s audio visual services, however, we can work with you to ensure your office is up-to-date in order to keep your employees working hard, comfortable, and happy.

Having things like state-of-the-art remote work tools, interactive whiteboards, video walls, temperature controls, and more can make all the difference in your office. From making it easier to work remotely to creating a more efficient office environment, audio visual integration is a long-lasting, cost-effective investment.

Intereum's AV Technology Partnerships and Knowledge

Intereum strategically partners and collaborates with world-class technology partners to deliver unmatched AV solutions to our clients. We understand how space and technology impact your organization and have developed the services to support your needs from planning and deployment to maintenance for the product lifespan. Our integrated design, consultation, and service team focuses on how you work to ensure the technology meets your needs today and into the future.

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Hands-free meeting technology enables you to control meetings with voice commands, creating a seamless meeting experience.

Keeping up with the latest trends in AV technology is essential to bringing forward the right solutions for our customers. Our workplace insight and deep AV know-how enable us to do more than simply equip a facility—we deliver solutions that improve the effectiveness of organizations.

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