Connecting to your team should be like the air you breathe—so intuitive, you don't have to think about it.

We design workplace technology experiences that help Minnesota organizations thrive.

We're passionate about bringing people together and our audio visual expertise helps us keep teams connected and thriving. Our team brings over 40+ years of workplace knowledge and unparalleled expertise in AV integration. This enables us to do more than simply equip a facility—we deliver solutions that improve the effectiveness of organizations. We're proud to be one of Minnesota's leading workplace technology integrators.

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Sleep Number shares their experience with Intereum AV.

Our services transform the way you connect.


Unified Communications

At Intereum, we pride ourselves on designing client workflows that are simple and easy to use across the board. Our experts can guide you to the right UC platform to help your remote workers and conference rooms connect effortlessly.

UC solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Cisco Webex offer comprehensive tools to ensure that no matter where your employees are working, they have the technology they need to work effectively to keep your company thriving and moving forward.


Workplace Technology

Intuitive, equitable technology experiences are fundamental to the success of modern organizations—and that's what we deliver for our clients. Our holistic approach allows you to bundle AV with other workplace solutions for seamless project coordination and visibility to identify potential cost savings. We integrate thoughtful technology with furniture and architectural solutions to create tailored environments built for collaboration. Let's transform the way you connect.


Conference Solutions

From small meeting rooms and collaborative jump spaces to training rooms and executive boardrooms, we deliver a simple click-to-join technology experience with consistency across an organization. A single click connects users allowing them to join, present, and collaborate with video conferencing solutions.

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Digital Solutions

Intereum's digital solutions simplify how you choose and manage digital signage, interactive media, LED video walls, conference room scheduling, and visual content. Digital signage is a versatile tool for organizations to communicate internal messaging, reinforce company culture, and adds oomph to visual branding. We partner with leading brands like Tightrope, BrightSign, Ping, AppSpace, and Reach to deliver reliable and visually stunning solutions.

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Office Analytics

Our goal at Intereum is to help you optimize your time and space at the office. Office analytics provides you with crucial information so you can make informed decisions about your facility based on trustworthy data. We can provide real-time occupancy analytics, environmental monitoring, contact tracing, and quarterly workplace insights to take your office space to the next level.


Continued Care

Our ongoing service partnership offers clients peace of mind as a monthly subscription. You can rest assured that all AV equipment will be installed, managed, and serviced with consistency; we assume all risks for hardware reliability and service.

A consistent payment model avoids surprises and keeps your team equipped with the latest tools to nurture workflow. Our expert team manages the life cycle of your AV assets and provides guidance on the latest technology - building a path for your to upgrade at the ideal time.