Leasing & Financing

At Intereum, we understand the importance of workplace design and its costs. That's why we provide furniture leasing and financing options to optimize your investment.

To offer customers greater payment flexibility, Intereum collaborates with LEAF, a leading bank-owned leasing company in North America. Through this partnership, you can access competitive rates, furniture leasing choices, and flexible financing arrangements.

Leasing your furniture purchase can simplify the acquisition process in various ways. It eliminates the need for a significant upfront payment, freeing up cash for other investments. Additionally, it postpones the expense from affecting your balance sheet, addressing potential concerns. These advantages, among others, explain why the majority of companies opt to lease at least some of their assets.

Interested in furniture leasing or have questions about payment plans?

Reach out to Intereum for detailed information on our furniture leasing and financing choices. We offer financial services to businesses across the region, and we're certain that we can establish a plan that aligns with your budget.

Go Easy on Your Budget

LEAF Financing can help make your office dreams a reality. Talk to an expert today to see how we can balance your vision with your budget.

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