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HealthPartners 9 West

HealthPartners welcomed a modern refresh of their space.

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HealthPartners wanted to move past the sterile and expected landscape of a healthcare institution’s offices and take their 9 West corporate headquarters in a whole new direction. After years of successfully partnering to outfit clinics and demonstrating experience in modern workplace design, Intereum was given the opportunity to work in tandem with McGough Construction and BWBR to transform HealthPartners’ headquarters.

While modernizing was the main priority, our teams had to keep in mind that as a healthcare organization, individual work points required certain privacy details and proper storage. To balance the new with the practical, the final concept was to create bright, welcoming common spaces toward the entrance of the space that gradually transition to full privacy as you move deeper into the workplace.

Furniture was key for incorporating variety within their offices. HealthPartners wanted to encourage their employees to work in different spaces and support a variety of postures. Collaboration rooms became a priority. Various settings were configured to support team meetings, private huddles, and impromptu touchpoints. Several private offices were designed to be unassigned to support tasks with privacy or focus needs. Workstations were updated with a smaller footprint and sit-to-stand controls at every desk, while maintaining storage requirements.

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This turnkey project allowed us to leverage the integration of our in-house furniture, audio visual, and modular walls teams. In 9 West, we were able to marry stunning architectural walls with state-of-the-art audio visual technology. The Maars walls flood the space with natural light, while supporting privacy and collaboration. The walls solutions were designed on a standard modular size, which keeps HealthPartners’ new space nimble with the ability to easily be reconfigured as needs evolve. Our audio visual solutions integrate seamlessly with the Maars product and our furniture solutions, creating a sleek and intuitive technology experience for their team. Sound masking was also deployed throughout the workspace as an added layer of privacy and noise reduction.

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Because this was an integrated project, many levels of coordination and communication had to be managed carefully in order to deliver a superior client experience. To achieve this, one project manager served as the point of contact for client communications. Intereum held internal meetings to make sure all components were working together and the project was on track, the information would then be organized and communicated to the client. The point of contact sent out weekly emails keeping HealthPartners abreast of schedule updates and what to expect for the week.

HealthPartners 9 West is a stunning before and after. The shift to a modern, varied space has transformed not only their environment but their culture. Projects like this one are a great reminder of how impactful place is on your workforce and why it’s important to keep evolving.

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