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Collaboration spaces are the heart and soul of a school and updating these shared spaces were the main priority of Mounds Park Academy’s latest renovation. The focus zeroed in on the cafeteria, library, and mezzanine level. The goal was to reinvigorate and better support the wide range of learning levels in these spaces. LSE Architects executed the building renovation, while our expertise as K-12 providers lent a different perspective to the project that assisted in realizing the client’s ultimate vision of the project.

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Collaborating directly with educators and the school Librarian was invaluable to get the full picture on how the space was used and identifying what could be improved. With a deep knowledge of learning environments, we talked the client through unique products designed to implement new ways of student collaboration and presented options for spatial preferences, describing how these affect learning. Implementing more unique products and layouts helped to program a space that offers a variety of support: from a group reading space for younger children to an elevated lounge area for older students to decompress.

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It was essential to coordinate our products with LSE’s existing finish palette to elevate the design and create cohesive learning spaces. Durability played a significant role in decisions for product and finish selections, as is typical of high-traffic environments with cleanability needs. Mounds Park Academy flaunts varied, well-appointed common areas that support the range of activity needs for an age-diverse student population.

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