Create* Holiday 2023

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Join us in the spirit of creating and bringing people together!

Whether coming together to craft unique works of art or cultivating meaningful connections within the community - we extend a warm invitation to all as we focus on fostering connection, spreading inspiration, and encouraging creativity.

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The Science

Creating Wellbeing

Did you know that being creative has been scientifically proven to be a powerful stress-reducer? Engaging in activities activates brain pathways associated with happiness and relaxation, offering a therapeutic escape that promotes mental wellbeing and resilience.

Learn more about the neuroscience behind creativity
The Creativity Book

Creating Inspiration

In support of the healing power of art, our team created a one-of-a-kind creativity book to help boost the imagination of children and adults alike. Use the link below to get your copy - we can't wait to see what you create!

Download Intereum's Creativity Book
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The Workshop

Creating Connection

Local A+D firms and Intereum have come together to show support for families in their care through creating art and assembling toiletry kits! Participants are creating holiday cards and putting together care-totes for families who are currently staying at Masonic Children’s Hospital (NICU and PICU).

Learn more about Masonic Children's Hospital
Food Drive2
The Food Drive

Creating Access

In the course of a week, Intereum employees donated food and money to support local food shelves. Coming in with over 3,000 pounds of food, the total converted brought in over $6,500 in resources!

Learn more about NorthPoint’s Community Food Shelf
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The Give Back

Creating Impact

Intereum has been named the EMERGE Outstanding Community Service partner for 2023! Thanks to Intereum's Warehouse Lead, Brad Howe, and his 16-year relationship with Furnish, we've been able to provide a consistent donation of high-quality furniture that aligns with EMERGE's recycling mission and their support in giving incarcerated individuals a second chance.

Learn more about EMERGE and their mission
The Intereum Glossary


/krēˈāt/ :verb // The sophisticated craft of transforming concepts into tangible brilliance. The art of innovation, where imagination meets execution.