Organizations that encourage social connection have happier employees.


We prioritize workplace culture and nurturing connection to support the incredible group that makes up our Intereum team.

Intereum Team Bonding at Happy Hour

"Organizations that encourage social connection have happier employees."

Kristin Leimgruber, Behavioral Researcher at BetterUp

Food Truck Lunch hosted by Intereum's Culture Council

Bringing Intereum Together

Key findings in the recent Future Forum Global Pulse study show that 74 percent of workers say collaborating with co-workers/clients, building camaraderie, and facilitating in-person meetings is a main driver in bringing them to the office.

At Intereum, we're lucky to be surrounded by a team of talented and driven individuals that make work fun. Investing in our culture is an investment in our people, and that's just good business.


Love what you do.

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team. Dig into our shared values and how we support our people—we might be the perfect fit.

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