Intereum is committed to promoting sustainability for a better world

— D.J. De Pree, founder of Herman Miller


Sustainability is a shared responsibility and Intereum is committed to doing our part to contribute to a better community and world.

Intereum Supports Customers across Southern Minnesota with Furniture Technology and Architectural Solutions

" a good corporate neighbor by being a good steward of the environment."

D.J. De Pree, founder of Herman Miller



Mindful Practices

Our showroom utilizes state-of-the-art technology to connect people and help us educate clients, but the out-of-sight capabilities help manage our environmental footprint. By controlling the heating, lights, shades, HVAC, and room occupancy data, Intereum eliminates wasteful treatment of resources and minimizing our impact wherever possible.

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rePurpose Program

We are dedicated to donating and recycling as much reusable surplus furniture as possible. So far in 2022, we have donated or recycled over 132 tons of furniture in support of client moves, changes, and updates. Our in-house custom shop provides expert service and repair care to extend product lifespan, avoiding landfills wherever possible.

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HMPS Last Mile process streamlines installation saving time and resources

Greener Processes

The Last Mile is an extension of the Herman Miller Performance System (HMPS), and is what we call our lean installation process. This process involves kitting product and developing an installation plan that reduces the number of trucks, minimizes trips taken to and from project sites, and reduces the amount of trash on job sites and wasted resources.

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One way we can be a good steward of the environment is to empower our partners with information to help them do the same.

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Ecomedes is a web-based calculator and database that gives architects and designers an easy way to see the environmental attributes and certifications of products. This tool is all about transparency and making it easier to pursue mindful environmental goals. Peruse MillerKnoll products now.

Material Bank Material Sampling Sustainably

Material Bank

Material Bank is the world’s largest material marketplace for the architecture and design industry. Not only can you get samples overnight, they deliver samples without excess bubble wrap, peanuts, or packaging and the trays are reusable and returnable—so you can send back unneeded samples.

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ArtScraps is a material reuse program started by a local St. Paul non-profit, ArtStart, that is committed to bringing quality arts education opportunities to our community. Our work involves the use of a lot of finish and material samples and, while we strive to leverage sustainable sample sources, we donate



We partner strategically with premium brands that support our vision for sustainability and empower us to design a better future for our clients and the planet.

Beauty lasts

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Technology solutions go far beyond conference screens and microphones. We partner with Crestron to empower clients with tools that enable them to minimize and manage their environmental impact. Shading solutions can double energy efficiency and reduce heat loss by 50%, while connected lighting controls allow organizations to optimize electricity consumption—all while minimizing facility expenses.

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A Collective Good

We're proud to represent our manufacturing partner, MillerKnoll, not just because we believe in their products and quality—we also align with their commitment to sustainability. Their family of brands strive to reduce their carbon footprints, design out waste, and source better materials. Our clients benefit from their collective power to design a more equitable and sustainable world.

MillerKnoll's Better World
Sustainability Practices from Knoll

Sustainable Design

Knoll is an industry pioneer in advocating for, and submitting products to, independent third-party certification. They believe that respected third parties provide the most impartial and trustworthy foundation for broad compliance. Explore Ecomedes to find product-level data, environmental certifications, and performance calculations that help contribute to sustainability goals.

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Eames Goes Green

MillerKnoll recently announced that the entire Eames Molded Plastic Chair portfolio will be made using 100% post-industrial recycled plastic. These shell chair innovations are the most recent in a series of sustainable product updates Herman Miller has implemented. Most recently, the use of ocean-bound plastic in the best-selling Aeron chair.

Stand Out Solutions
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A Sweeter Approach

When Herman Miller first introduced their GreenHouse, they had a wasp problem. Instead of reaching for the pesticides, they brought in honey bees. The honey bees persuaded the wasps to move elsewhere, and, thanks to cross-pollination, wildflowers are abundant, and honey is produced on the grounds that Herman Miller shares with guests.

A Sustainable History
Intereum Serves Companies Across Northern Minnesota with Furniture Technology and Architectural Solutions

A Circular Solution

Loll Designs is one of our favorite manufacturers for outdoor furniture. All of their sleek designs are made from post-consumer recycled HDPE sourced mainly from single-use milk jugs. Not only do they use recycled materials in production—they recycle more than 88% of their production waste and their products? Loll furniture is all recyclable.

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Pod of the Future

Serious about happiness. Dedicated to sustainability. Framery's sustainability work covers economic, social, and environmental responsibility throughout their entire value chain, striving to innovate for a renewable future. Their product family is made from durable, renewable, and recyclable materials and are designed to have a long lifespan.

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Materials Matter

HAY takes its responsibility to contribute to a greener future seriously. They aim to be climate positive by focusing on three areas: sustainable design, durable products, and local production. Developing long-lasting products, optimizing the use of materials, and a growing number of eco-certified products all help contribute to minimizing their footprint.

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The Impact on People

Though they design for reuse, Maars' sustainability contributions are not limited to the products and manufacturing processes. They ensure healthy, high-quality working conditions are maintained for employees in all parts of their business, including the factory, with access to natural light and top-of-the-line air filtration systems.

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Doing More for the Planet

With work and life entering a new era, MillerKnoll is guiding organizations to seize this opportunity to reinvigorate their culture, improve the health and productivity of their teams, and foster a greater sense of belonging for their people. Discover their findings informing their approach toward the future of work.


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