Introducing Exclave

According to Herman Miller research, conference rooms are often avoided because the surroundings, furnishings and tools in them conflict with people and the work they do.

HM Exclave Cove2

Set to hit the contract market later this year, Exclave, Herman Miller's new performance gear, was designed to diminish this friction while enhancing team collaboration and use of the conference room. Exclave provides a harmony between surroundings and tools so teams and individuals can work better together. With purposeful table designs and heights, Exclave fosters easy interaction between participants in the room and on the screen.

To create Exclave, Herman Miller worked with Continuum, a global innovation and design consultancy. Together Herman Miller and Continuum designed performance gear focused on people to create connection and cross-pollination between teams. Exclave conference tables allow people to see each other, technology and content clearly with soft rounded edges and organic shapes that provide idealized sight lines. Coupled with its unique rail-based wall system, Exclave facilitates ideation, creativity and seamless collaboration. The optional rail-based wall system supports a breadth of elements including whiteboards, tack boards, and digital displays. Mobile easels can also be utilized to delineate space, provide storage, and add elements that store personal items and essential meeting tools.

Like its name, Exclave imitates the territory of one country surrounded by the land of another. Yet with versatility and durability, elements of Exclave can live independently throughout the workplace to transform entire office landscapes into collaboration spaces. Exclave's mobile easels, whiteboards and tack boards transport easily to create private spaces around the office and support creativity in personal work areas, conference rooms and meeting areas.

Featured at Herman Miller's NeoCon 2015 showroom, Exclave blew attendees away with its unique design elements and organic conference table shapes. When it becomes available later this year, Exclave conference tables will be available in various sizes and sitting or standing heights to provide solutions tailored to suit any conferencing or open space.