Raise Your Comfort Level with Renew Tables

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Research shows that each day, Americans are sedentary for nearly 21 hours a day between both sleeping and sitting. Being sedentary for such long periods of time is directly linked to illnesses such as diabetes and obesity, which can put immense pressure on our immune system and heart.

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In order to combat the high rates of obesity and lack of productivity in the work place, Herman Miller’s Renew height adjustable table allows seamless transition from sitting to standing to promote movement throughout the course of the workday. It is recommended that each individual spend 5 to 20 minutes each hour standing or moving the body. By doing so, health, mood, productivity and creativity can be enhanced and improved. Research shows that standing increases blood flow, burns calories, improves posture and enhances energy. Thus the Renew sit-to-stand tables provide this movement to work naturally with the body to transition from being sedentary to being active with the simple click of a button.

Along with increased risk of diabetes, heart attack and obesity, being sedentary for such long periods of time can increase lower back pain. It has been estimated that on average 8 out of 10 full-time workers experience back pain at some point in their career – a personal issue that costs companies about $7.4 billion dollars each year. Renew sit-to-stand height adjustable tables allow the user to stand for part of the long work day in order to improve posture and alleviate back pain.


Herman Miller’s research shows that for every $1 invested in ergonomic strategy, the return on investment is about $17.50 in terms of avoided worker’s compensation costs, increases in productivity, and other forms of returns. The Renew sit-to-stand reflects this importance of returns on investment alongside the necessity to get our bodies moving to reduce harmful diseases and improve our productivity and creativity in the workplace