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With over 7 million Aeron chairs sold worldwide in 134 countries, it’s easy to see why the Aeron is one of the most well-known office staples of all time. Since its release, the Aeron has taken the world by storm. Popping up in the studio with Pharrell, in The Simpsons as God’s throne, and even in the White House.

The workplace is constantly evolving and no one knows this better than Herman Miller. It only made sense that their most iconic chair be updated to embody all the knowledge and technical advances established since its original release in 1994. Remastered by one of its original designers, Don Chadwick, the Aeron has kept its original look with a few upgrades.

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8Z Pellicle: This brand-new material uses elastomeric suspension to eliminate circulation restricting pressure points while offering comfort and relief through the eight tension zones in both the seat and back.

PostureFit SL: Set on the back of the chair, PostureFit SL offers both lumbar support and adjustable sacral support.

Recline: Now the Aeron moves naturally with your body, shifting from upright to recline easily.

Customization: The new Aeron allows the user to adjust everything from recline to resistance easily and intuitively. Gone are the days of user manuals and hours spent customizing for the right fit.

Environmentally Friendly: The original Aeron set the bar for sustainability with using 53% recycled content. Now, they’ve done it again. The new Aeron is 89% recyclable.