Maars 4D Platform Launch

One new platform, two days of training, and several excited designers.

Maars Houston

Two of our wall designers traveled to Houston, Texas to attend the kick off training of the Maars 4D platform. Maars specializes in creating high quality and infinitely unique partition walls. This training was intended to show designers how  to use their new design technology based off of the space-planning software Configura. Now, you can draw, create renderings and price all on one platform which makes it both fast and unique.

One designer said of the trip “I’m a wall designer so I enjoyed learning a new design software that will allow us draw our own Maars walls. The renderings we were able to create look like they were done with Photoshop and the different edit options available are amazing!”

Another said - “I enjoyed meeting the Maars team and having them around.  It helped to see the product up close and personal. The software has a feature which allows automatic CAD wall placement.  So if you coordinate a wall to be a specific line it will place all the walls with the same style, saving a significant amount of time”.

Moving forward, we are excited to draw projects in-house with Maars 4D. This platform puts the power into our hands and will allow us to more quickly provide drawings to our clients as our team becomes fluent with the new software.

We look forward to the future of Maars!