Fresh Perspective

So Fresh, So Clean

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A breath of fresh air, a fresh spring rain, fresh cut flowers; whatever it be - let the freshness linger a little longer with these new and refreshing furnishings. Sometimes it's about minimalism and other times it's about convenience. We have what you need to feel so fresh and so clean this spring!

  1. New and now available, Exclave
  2. Refresh your Ethospace
  3. Parsons Table by Nevins
  4. Distil Desk and Table
  5. Geiger Construct
  6. Herman Miller Ode Lamps
  7. Mockett Acoustic Panels
  8. Groupe Lacasse Nex
  9. First Office Coact
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The Summit Solution

Summit is turning 30, and while tradition might be neccessity when it comes to crafting flavorful brews, their new workplace approach has re-enstated the fresh perspective that got this business buzzing in the first place... Read more