Plex Lounge Furniture

Where simple design and brilliant execution come together.

green upholstered ottoman, gray and blue armchair, gray modular seating, aqua armchair with small circular wood and white desk in a white room

Plex furniture, designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, redefines the rules of seating. All six elements are specifically created with adaptability and flexibility in mind. Each piece shares an identical base but versatile top. This allows the user to change the space to quickly accommodate a wide variety of needs.

Plex Elements:

  1. Support: Movable work tables with adjustable height, comfortable seating, and easy access USB ports makes Plex one of the most supportive systems on the market.
  2. Flexibility: Plex comes with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and base options that you can adapt to almost any space. In addition, all six pieces celebrate choice by allowing you to organize your work area according to your current needs.
  3. Individual Comfort: Ergonomic details like suspension seat technology and lumbar support make Plex incredibly comfortable. Plex is also sized to be comfortable for individuals of all statures and shapes.