What's New: Layout Studio & Ubi Work Tools

Don't miss the newest updates to Layout Studio and the introduction of Ubi Work Tools


Layout Studio Advancements:

  • Performance Rail: This runs down the entire length of the bench and provides off modular mounting for screens, storage, work tools, and lighting.
  • Aesthetic Choices: Choose from different screen options: glass, frameless fabric, and framed fabric.
  • De-clutter: Built-in trash and recycling bins will be attached the end of each bench.
  • Mobile Bag Catch: This ensures easy access to your work bag instead of having to take it in and out of a locker or drawer separate from your desk.
  • Choices: Available in seated or standing height.


Ubi Work Tools:

  • Flexibility: Provides comprehensive access to organizational tools that can be easily rearranged to suit the individual user.
  • Small Bins: Slide back and forth for easy access while still maintaining order.
  • Power: Never worry about where to charge your mobile devices again with built in power outlets.
  • Tall Bins: allow the user to store long-term project items or personal items that may not need to be used daily.
  • Easily Modified: For both assigned and unassigned employees.