Chainbreaker 18 Ride

With a desire to make a difference, Intereum employees participated in Chainbreaker 18 to fund cancer research.


The weekend of August 10th was Chainbreaker is a grassroots movement that was established with the goal to fund cancer research. Chainbreaker directs 100% of every Rider-raised dollar to life-saving research at the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota. Proceeds directly contribute to clinical trials and funding to help discover causes, treatments, prevention, outcomes and survivorship of cancer.

Joined by 1,024 riders and 86 pelotons for the 2018 ride, cyclists around the Twin cities gathered to break last year’s record of $1,389,085.04 raised. Representing team Intereum, we had 12 employees ride and well exceeded their $16,000 goal, raising a total of $19,024 to date.

The ride may be over but the effort is ongoing: Visit donate to the cause and help other riders reach their goal by October 12th, 2018.