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Through their collaboration and holistic approach to design, Studio 7.5 has created the chair for everyone!

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To sit with Cosm is to find harmony and balance between personalized comfort and an elegant ergonomic design. The new Herman Miller Cosm Office Chair and Stool hit the market just in time for the splash of Summer 2018. Upon its quick debut into the Herman Miller family, Cosm found its way to the top at The Best of NeoCon 2018 in early June. As an event that celebrates new innovative products to the industry, Cosm achieved gold in the seating: ergonomic desk and task category.

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Available in a variety of colors and sizes

With organizations transitioning to more communal workspaces, the demand for proper workplace support remains a top priority. Cosm’s seamless design accommodates both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic support. The Auto-Harmonic Tilt provides consistent natural balance and contouring comfort to everyone. Regardless of its user, Cosm’s unique design and mechanics acknowledge and quickly respond to the person's posture to maintain the utmost comfort. Working together with the suspension and frame, they offer additional spinal support and absolute relaxation. To further enhance the chair for everyone, the designer’s meticulous attention to comfort sculpted the new Leaf Arms to embrace and take a load off those arms.

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Studio 7.5 strives to “Define not only how the chair looks but how it performs." With Cosm, designers created a chair that provides a deeper understanding of how people sit and how the complex design of a chair can be the difference between healthier, happier, and more productive employees.

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It's more than a chair. It's freedom to focus without uncomfortable distractions.

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