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  • Herman Miller Introduces Lino, a New High-Performing Office Chair

Herman Miller Introduces Lino, a New High-Performing Office Chair

With a focus on connecting value and comfort, Herman Miller believes everyone deserves a good chair and they set out to accomplish this.

When designing new products, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin regard the process as a series of conversations. Harnessing their meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, they’ve created products built on innovation, simplicity, functionality and durability. By pairing their design expertise with Herman Miller’s undoubtedly high standard of comfort, they launched the creation of Lino Office Chair and Stool. Available in a variety of colors, the Lino Chair succeeds the expectation of a basic industrial office chair both visually and ergonomically.

Finding its place in the office, the Lino Chair joins the collection of high-performance work chairs. While maintaining a similar makeup to surrounding high-performance chairs, Lino dignifies itself through balanced movements and adaptability to everyone. With nearly 80% of all people in the United States complaining of back pain, the designers set a precedent for scientifically backed comfort. Utilizing their design dexterity and ergonomic expertise, they integrated their patented PostureFit into Lino. PostureFit provides additional comfort and support in the sacral and lumbar regions. Complimented by the contoured seat and duo suspension back, the differing threading tensions within this breathable material provides total spinal support to all users.

With collaboration and quality-driven as two of the forefront components in the creation of Lino chair, Hecht and Colin’s hands on approach to the design process shows their continued efforts to push the boundaries of innovations and comfort in the industry.

At the Nexus of Comfort and Value

We think everyone should enjoy good design and comfort while they work, and Lino helps make that possibility a reality.

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