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5 Benefits of Sit-to-Stand Movement

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1. Movement improves blood circulation.

Extended stints of sitting still can cause blood to collect in your veins. This can lead to an increased risk for blood clots or deep venous thrombosis. Standing up and moving around can help counteract these processes by reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation in the body.

2. Movement improves your metabolism.

Depending on your body composition, sitting for 20-45 minutest or more causes the body to enter a hibernation zone. This slows our metabolism to conserve energy instead of expending it. By moving from a seated position to a standing position, you can kickstart your metabolism. Getting into regular cycles of sit to stand behavior will burn a few more calories per day than sitting.

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3. Movement is good for your back.

Moving helps relieve tension in the back and allows your spine to articulate in its healthiest, natural S-curve position.

4. Movement gives you an energy boost.

When you feel sluggish, changing postures activates the brain and endorphins so you can focus on the task at hand. The improved blood flow can improve our focused work, engagement on phone calls, and creative work.

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5. Every sit to stand movement equals one squat.

When you get ready to sit discreetly hover over your chair for 15 seconds to give the glutes a little extra work out. when you stand remember to squeeze at the top.

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