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Connect anywhere with Unified Communications.

With so many businesses and people working remotely, Unified Communications (UC) is more important than ever. It's crucial that no matter where your employees are working from, they have the resources they need to communicate easily and effectively.

When deciding on a UC platform, it's important to know the pros, cons, features, and more. Intereum is here to help you decide what UC option is best for your organization.

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UC Tools for the Work Environment:


Zoom has become almost synonymous with video conferencing. Zoom has spent a lot of time making sure their tool is easy-to-use and, because of that, has become the swiss-army knife for video conferencing applications. We see Zoom being used frequently in places like schools, hospitals, and other verticals that the other UC platforms traditionally haven't used video conferencing in the past.


WebEx has been a leader in IT solutions for decades. Their experience makes them a top-notch solution for video conferencing. Their audio is the best in the business and continues to make strides as the premium video conferencing solution on the market.


Microsoft Teams is a powerful and easy-to-use extension of your Microsoft Office Suite. If your organization uses Microsoft Office 365, Teams is available to you at no additional cost. This offering makes Teams a very practical solutions for any organization currently running on Office 365.

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Building Community Through UC

Technology is constantly evolving, which means the workplace must evolve, too. UC allows employees to work safely, comfortably, and efficiently from anywhere - which is especially important today as many companies work remotely. Keep your company thriving and moving forward with the perfect UC platform.

To help your remote workers and conference rooms connect effortlessly, get in touch with Intereum. We pride ourselves on establishing tools that make a workflow simple and easy-to-use across the board.

Enhance Your Working From Home Experience

With the right tools, communication with your teams can remain seamless even when working remote. We can help.

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