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With the desire to get employees back into the office coupled with the mandate for face masks in all public spaces, the need for private spaces in the office is more critical than ever.

August 5, 2020
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Intereum offers a variety of architectural and sub-architectural enclosure solutions to meet every client's need.

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Framery O Pods


Framery soundproof office booths and meeting pods are designed to solve noise and privacy issues in open office landscapes.

  • Sub-architectural product
  • 3 standard sizes: single, double, and meeting room for up to 6
  • Air replenishes every 2 minutes
  • Enclosed freestanding unit providing physically and acoustically private spaces without the need to modify lighting or HVAC
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Overlay Private Havens


Overlay is a system of freestanding, movable walls that helps you define your space and create boundaries within the workplace.

  • Sub-architectural product
  • Not acoustically private
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Open-air unit providing physically private spaces without the need to modify lighting or HVAC
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Maars M923

M923 — Maars

M923 is a flexible wall system that allows people to easily create their working environment and instantly creates adaptable physical, visual and acoustic boundaries

  • Sub-architectural product
  • Open-air unit providing physically private spaces without the need to modify lighting or HVAC
  • Multiple material options and "hackable" design allows product to be adaptable to current and future needs
  • Modules are 4' wide, limitless configuration options of that module
Maars Living Walls Carre

Maars Walls

Maars is a worldwide leader in modular interior wall solutions.

  • Architectural product
  • Full height walls providing physically and acoustically private spaces; may require modifications to lighting or HVAC
  • Unlimited configuration options; completely customizable

Add enclosures to your office for the near future commitment-free by taking advantage of our leasing solutions.

With lease terms as short as 24 months, you can add enclosures to get your employees back into your office safely. If furniture is no longer needed after 24 months, send them back and return your workspace back to "normal."

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