Missing Community During COVID-19: How to Safely Return to the Office

In 2020, we’ve all had to adopt new ways of working remotely. Unfortunately, an entirely remote workforce doesn’t offer the community and camaraderie that an office space does.

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During this trying time, many businesses have been able to keep things moving. But with no clarity on a COVID-free world, it’s important to establish a new normal by getting people back to the office in a safe way.

The Office is More than Just a Place to Work

Business leaders have been trying for months to predict a date for when they can safely bring people back to the office. The Wall Street Journal recently profiled several leading CEOs who overwhelmingly agree that it’s tough to replicate the culture, creativity, and productivity that happen in the office via video conferencing, email, and other forms of virtual communication.

A recent Korn Ferry survey from this summer shows that, despite popular belief, employees do miss the office environment. Their survey of 1,000 workers showed that half of the participants looked forward to regaining office camaraderie. Additionally, most think that their employers would provide a safe environment for them to return to.


Creating Community and Camaraderie 2020 Style

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for heading back to the office. Guidance changes as scientific findings and regulations evolve. However, there are new furniture and office technology strategies that work in tandem with returning to the office. The time is now for organizations to reimagine the role of the workplace. It is more important, now than ever, to create a safe, productive, and enjoyable space for employees.

How Intereum Can Help Provide Peace of Mind

Intereum, the largest Herman Miller dealer in the region, has successfully implemented its own return-to-work strategy. Using a combination of technology and data, space and design, and a Plan-Your-Day behavior expectation, we have peace of mind with the safety of our office space. We want your employees to feel confident about returning to the office as well—we can help!


The New & Safe Way to Connect at the Office

At Intereum, we have the knowledge and skills to create an enjoyable and safe working environment. From real-time data to understanding how your workplace is utilized, there are plenty of ways to create a safer space for your employees.

Workplace Data

Workplace data can provide a real-time understanding of how workstations, meeting rooms, and other office spaces are being used, who’s using them, and for how long. This data can even help screen employees as they arrive and flag anyone with an elevated temperature.

Space Utilization

Understanding space utilization is critical during the pandemic; it enables more effective and efficient cleaning and hygiene, aids in enforcing distancing policies. Plus, in the event of an infection, space utilization can greatly improve the speed and accuracy of contact tracing.

Office Optimization

Optimizing space design by looking at things like density, physical barriers and ventilation plays a critical part in a return-to-the-office strategy. At Intereum, we know how to make the most out of the space you have.

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