The Way Forward

Keeping it Clean

Keeping our environments clean is a top priority. We have the tools to help you do it properly!

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Clean Furniture

Everyone's goal is to stay physically healthy — this means abiding by social distancing, washing our hands, and keeping our space clean. We trust you to maintain your social bubble and wash your hands, but we found a handy cleaning guide for workplace products and materials, so you can be sure you are not compromising your furniture in any cleaning efforts.

Herman Miller's Suggested Cleaners + Disinfectants

Clean Technology

Let us not forget to also keep our digital tools clean. Touch screens and phones are sometimes missed in the scurry to sanitize, so we found a handy guide from our friends at Crestron on best practices for keeping your technology clean, as well.

Creston's Technology Cleaning Guide

Clean Partitions

For those that don't want to miss and inch of their workspace in cleaning efforts, Maars modular walls has compiled a guide to cleaning your glass and steel partition walls.

Maars Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions