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Safer with Framery Pods

What does Framery take as seriously as happiness? Your safety.

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Good Hygiene is Key

As the World Health Organization states, good hygiene and keeping distance is key in protecting yourself and others. Wash your hands regularly, keep your surroundings clean and stay at home if you’re feeling sick.

Please also keep in mind that you can have the pods moved around to adapt to your changed needs. You can have your Framery pods placed so that they are only available to limited number of users, keeping a healthy distance. Place hand sanitizers and bleach wipes at entrance of pods to give people peace of mind.

Framery Cleaning Guide

Framery pods, like most workplace tools, can and should be cleaned efficiently on a regular basis. All materials of the pod can be cleaned with disinfection solution. See the attached Framery Cleaning Guide for easy steps on how to best take care of a Framery pod.

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Social Distancing Inside the Pods

Yes, it's possible! Recommended distance of 6 feet (1.8m) can be maintained between two users in Framery Q and between four users in Framery 2Q. Remember to practice good hygiene and follow guidelines for the number of people per pod. The Framery O is a great single-occupant option for privacy and social distancing.

Framery Pod Ventilation

Framery's products take the air from the top of the pod and then the air inside is pushed down. When you enter a Framery pod, the fans engage at full capacity.

Framery fans are always turning. They remain at full capacity for 8 minutes after the last user leaves the pod. All the air inside the pod is refreshed several times over before switching back to low voltage mode. Each new user will be greeted with refreshed air every time they enter the pod.

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The air circulation inside a Framery pod is multiple times higher than the general recommendation for occupied spaces.

A typical recommendation is 6-8 liters per second (13-17 cubic feet per minute) of ventilation per person inside a space. The ventilation speed of Framery O is 21.5 l/s (45 CFM), Framery Q is 66 l/s (­140 CFM) and Framery 2Q is 121 l/s (­256 CFM).

When companies invest in Framery, they are making an investment in your comfort, privacy, and wellness.

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