The Way Forward

Telehealth is on the rise.

Healthcare providers are rapidly transitioning to virtual care to provide safe care for patients during these unprecedented circumstances.

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Digital technology can empower patients and care teams to reach beyond traditional boundaries for better, safer outcomes. Not only do tools like tools like Cisco and Webex bridge the physical distance between clinicians and patients, but they also allow care teams to communicate and work collaboratively with patients and colleagues across the clinic, down the street, and around the world. Their advanced video and collaboration technologies help healthcare providers deliver remote care and telemedicine seamlessly and securely.

Zoom + Epic Integration

Zoom integrates seamlessly with Epic to create a smooth telehealth experience for both care providers and patients while care remains confidential and secure.

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Zoom Security + Peace of Mind

Zoom offers enhanced security to ensure that care remains private and confidential.

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Cisco Enables Remote Care

Break the boundaries that separate remote healthcare teams to enable seamless communication, enhance remote collaboration, and enable successful patient outcomes.

For healthcare organizations, Cisco Collaboration enables high-quality interactions among patients and care teams, scalability across facilities and branches, and end-to-end security. Their comprehensive collaboration software and hardware portfolio fits any work environment, from the patient’s bedside to the doctor’s home, from the administrative back office to the research laboratory.

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Cisco Collaboration for Telemedicine

Cisco + Webex

Cisco Webex simplifies virtual and in-person experiences with easy-to-use solutions that bring patients and care teams together for more effective, face-to-face care.

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Streamlining Telemedicine

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