Temperature Screening Technology

In partnership with Loffler Companies, Intereum is working to ensure workplace health and safety.


All organizations need to focus on health and safety as they reopen and return to their offices, factories, buildings and other workspaces. They need effective and highly visible solutions to identify guests or employees that may be sick.

In partnership with Loffler Companies, we are offering Temperature Screening Kiosks and Walk Through Temperature Scanner technology for visitor and employee monitoring. These touch-free solutions integrate with visitor management platforms, provide video recording and alerting for your facilities teams.

Temperature Screening Kiosk

When a person walks up to a temperature screening kiosk, it measures their temperature and indicates whether they have a fever. A kiosk is a cost-effective means of measuring temperatures and requires no attendant to run.

Walk-Through Temperature Scanner

A walk-through temperature scanner measures the temperatures of groups of people using an infrared camera. This type of solution is designed for large groups or masses of people to scan during high-volume entry times.

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