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With all the unknowns that go along with this pandemic, our goal is to keep our partners and customers informed about how we’re continuing to work safely and work smart. Working with our VP of Operations, John Podergois, we rounded up the answers to the most pertinent questions for our customers.

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Are projects currently installing?

Our operations team has been back in action for two weeks. We have been installing projects based on allowed access by our clients.

The rest of our teams are maintaining the “Stay at Home” order in Minnesota and working remotely to support customer needs.

Is it safe for installation teams to be in the field right now?

With the proper safety measures, yes. Our teams have been trained to comply with CDC guidelines and are always outfitted with full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – they wear masks, gloves, and protective eye wear. We have taken the necessary precautions and deployed protocols to keep our people safe.

The health of our install team is assessed regularly and if symptomatic of an illness, we ask that personnel stay home until they are cleared to return to work.

What are the benefits of utilizing an in-house install team?

Generally, this provides the opportunity for consistent application and skill development, improved service quality, and strong leaders grown in-house. It’s instrumental during these uncertain times for guaranteed training in current CDC guidelines and PPE utilization. We are able to closely monitor the health and safety of team members and an added layer of trust.

What precautions are being taken for cleanliness, what processes are in place?

As a certified Herman Miller dealer, we utilize Herman Miller’s Performance System (HMPS) which integrates lean practices throughout all our systems and processes.

Our installation process starts before we get to your project site. Through pre-work, we prepare for the delivery and installation in our warehouse. Our detailed planning arms us with valuable benefits:

  • Less time and fewer installers needed on site
  • Installation starts later in project timeline and allows for reduced contact with other trades
  • Minimal packaging on site and less product handling minimizes risk
  • Completing sections of the project at a time allows for thorough, deep cleaning of product

Because these HMPS practices are part of our regular process, our team is experienced with the pre-work and planning necessary to make the installation at your project site go quickly, smoothly, and safely.

How have team processes changed onsite?

On top of the HMPS practices, our installers are maintaining social distancing rules and always outfitted in full PPE, as extra layers of protection. We have transitioned to single person truck crews, maximum one person in elevators, and have guidelines around unloader & loader spacing to minimize contact.

Does your business need to be a certain priority level to install?

While we are working to support all customer needs, we do prioritize essential industries. Because there are very few people in the environments, now is actually a good time for installation.

Many manufacturers are closed – is product still available?

Our Facility and Vendor Manager is tracking and logging the status of all our manufacturers to keep teams up-to-date. Our Project Managers are closely monitoring product availability and delays on a project-by-project basis, keeping customers informed. While there is still product available, many vendors are prioritizing essential industries and some are not able to manufacture at this time. This is an ever-evolving situation, and we are working diligently to stay on top of it.

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