Design Summer Camp

Our A+D team joined forces with Laura Guido Clark to make a summer camp a lot more colorful.

Design summer camp cover

For every response to our 2020 A+D survey, Intereum and Herman Miller each made a $10 donation to the University of Minnesota's Diversity and Design Summer Camp. The camp aims to introduce careers within the design industry to kids who wouldn't usually gain exposure to them. In total, our $3,060 donation went toward supporting 2021 camp programming.

Following the donation, we wanted to find more direct ways to support such a fantastic program. We connected with Professor Abimbola Asojo at the College of Design to see if we could assist her efforts in creating a great camp experience for the virtual campers. Coordinating through Herman Miller, we engaged Laura Guido Clark to host a color workshop for K-6 grade campers. Laura Guido Clark, Founder and CEO of Love Good Color PBC, is the Creative Director of Materials Innovation at Herman Miller. She was excited to connect with the young students and introduce them to the power of color!

We got to sit in on Laura's interactive workshop and experience color through the lense of the youth. Laura's engaging energy set the tone, and it was inspiring to hear the campers' insights on color—they were so eager to share!

Screen Shot 2021 09 14 at 4 02 57 PM

Before the workshop, she collected comments on how colors made them feel. The kids spent their time discussing why colors make them feel this way and learning about how they are used in our environments to signal a variety of messages and feelings.

Screen Shot 2021 09 14 at 3 54 47 PM
Screen capture of Color Camp students on a group Zoom call discussing colors.

In addition to the color workshop, the campers studied furniture with fractal design elements and took a virtual tour of Perkins & Will's office. It was energizing and inspiring to see the enthusiasm of the kids. We left the workshop feeling like we learned something from these little campers: a new perspective on the power of color!

A big thank you to Laura Guido Clark for hosting this virtual workshop! And we extend our gratitude to Professor Abi Asojo and her team for allowing us to be a small part of the considerable effort that is the Diversity and Design Summer Camp. Thanks to their work the future is bright for the design industry!