Environment Impacts Productivity

Where you work determines how you work. Change the face and the heart of your work environment with furnishings that inspire and facilitate productivity.

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The core of your company is your employees. At Intereum, we create human-centered designs that bring people together to strengthen that core.

Covid has taught us that we can work from home. In response, offices and workplaces need to adapt and improve to support individual achievement and promote effective teamwork in new and creative ways. Build an environment where your employees feel appreciated, comfortable and engaged, and you’ve given them an essential tool they need to succeed.

What Type of Environment Promotes Office Productivity?

Everything from temperature and air quality to lighting and wall color can affect the performance of your employees. While you can’t please everyone all the time, you can take steps to make people as happy as possible.

When it comes to laying out your workspace and choosing furniture, several questions are asked before making the best decisions. These are the areas highlighted by ScienceDirect in an article that studied work environments:

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  • Can workers perform their tasks quickly, easily and efficiently?
  • Have you maximized your space and economy?
  • Can supervisors do their job effectively?
  • Is communication fast and easy for everyone?
  • Are you providing comfort that affects employees positively?
  • Is equipment and resources readily available to everyone?

Even these basic questions can have a significant impact on productivity. When you add the expertise of a company like Herman Miller that devotes themselves to how to create better work environments, you invest in a workplace that delivers extraordinary results.

What is Ergonomic Furniture?

The term ergonomic gets thrown around a lot. Let’s clarify, starting with the definition supplied by Merriam Webster:

an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely
— called also biotechnology, human engineering, human factors

Essentially, it is the science of healthy work. It encompasses how people interact with their tasks, their surroundings, and their coworkers.

So, how does that translate to furniture?

What if you had a chair that felt like it was designed specifically for you? You spend countless hours in a chair every workday, so you’d want it to conform to your body. You’d want it to be comfortable but adjustable to change with your needs. Most of all, you’d want that chair to make work feel easier and communicating with your coworkers easier. Now imagine that that chair came with a 12-year warranty so you didn’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time

This is what ergonomic furniture should be.

What is an Ergonomic Workspace?

An ergonomic workspace—whether it’s an office, a school, or a hospital—takes the idea of the perfect chair and applies it to everything under your roof.

By answering the questions posed above and by designing a whole space catered to specific needs, we can build a purposeful workspace optimized for everyone who uses it. As a result, it will streamline your business and create higher levels of user satisfaction.

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Herman Miller conducted a study of their workplace design clients. The results were clear. After redesign, 15-25% of employees felt more comfortable, more productive and more engaged at work. Ergonomics – done right by a professional – make a big difference.

Transform How You Work

Your work may not define who you are, but your workspace affects how you feel. Consider what a redesign and installation from Intereum could do for your business. We’d love to put you in touch with one of our experts to see how we can transform your business for a new era of productivity. And if you’re not convinced what a difference one chair can make, think again.

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