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Maars U.S. Stocking Program

Intereum is excited to announce that we partnered with Maars Living Walls to create a Maars stocking program in the U.S.

February 24, 2021

Maars Living Walls offers superior modular wall solutions.

We are proud to offer two of their most popular product lines, Horizon and M923, in the stocking program with shorter lead times and reduced freight costs. Our new program brings you the modular wall solutions you need, quickly.

Clips of workers unloading and unboxing Maars Wall product from shipping trucks.

Why choose the stock program?

  1. Fast Turnaround: The estimated turnaround time from order submission to shipping is one week.
  2. Reduced Freight Costs: From the stock locations in Minneapolis and Houston, the product can ship to projects around the U.S. avoiding shipping costs from the Netherlands.
  3. Style, Accessibility, and Privacy: Maars lends a streamlined aesthetic while offering the flexibility to adjust the visual boundaries in your office as your teams morph and space requires adjustments.


Horizon is not just a stylish glass partition wall, it is also an economical solution for your working environment. The minimum profile height and no-profile connection with other Maars systems create a high-quality transparent and architectural aesthetic. In addition, the large variety in doors and door systems lend form and character to accessibility.


Open offices can enhance workplace culture but come with their own set of challenges. Workers get distracted, the space can seem cavernous and impersonal, and the workplace becomes a fishbowl. In our new normal, the open space also can make people feel uncomfortable, even unsafe. Striking a balance is a difficult task. M923 rises to the challenge. Consisting of interlocking profiles with snap-in-place panels, and fully relocatable, M923 truly is a “living wall.” It defines open areas with the right type of functionality – and the right balance of porosity and privacy – for the task and tenant at hand. And it’s always attractive, no matter the configuration.

Our Maars U.S. Stocking program makes flexible wall solutions available at your fingertips. Let's transform your space.

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