Prioritizing wellness means supporting the whole human.

Intereum Clarity Week Nurtures Employee Wellness and Improves Productivity

Our people are the core of Intereum.

Their passion for what we do and determination to provide the best experience for our clients is the foundation of our organizational success. Supporting employee well-being is a top priority to ensure our teams are healthy, happy, and able to do their best work.

We believe in nurturing a culture that's rooted in our core values, drives connection and community, and supports the whole human. This year, in support of these values, we're taking a company-wide Clarity Break from July 4th- July 8th this year.

Built from the EOS concept of a Clarity Break, our week-long closure is designed to give employees time to rest and recharge. The week is theirs to spend how they want. Research has shown that there are big benefits associated with taking time off including lower stress, better mental health, and improved productivity – we’re excited to pass this benefit on to our employees this summer.

By closing our doors, we’re encouraging our employees to truly unplug with the knowledge that they’re not missing out on any activity happening at the office.

Not to worry! If you run into any big questions or concerns while we’re closed, we are still on hand to help. Give us a call at 763-417-3300 and we’ll make sure urgent issues are addressed quickly. Otherwise, our teams have been working diligently to ensure you have what you need both before and after our office closure.

Taking a break is essential to support mental health and wellness. Thinking About Skipping Vacation? Don’t.

Article and insights shared by leadership team member:
VP of People and Culture Jackie Chodl smiles softly in a casual pose while sitting in a chair, in black and white