A fresh look and feel with the same exceptional service and reliability our clients rely on.

Intereum Refresh Brand Elements


The Intereum team strives to deliver premium services that set us apart. That's why we're thrilled to share our brand refresh, a new look and feel that honors Intereum's legacy and reflects our growth and evolution as we continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


The Intereum team started 2022 preparing for a year of change. As we began to map out our upcoming launch with MillerKnoll, the building anticipation felt bigger than a growing brand family. The past few years had ushered in some significant changes that fostered innovation and growth. With a recent territory expansion, Intereum now supports customers across the entire state of Minnesota. Our audio visual division has expanded its service to support clients coast-to-coast. Additionally, we successfully adopted a hybrid work policy, which not only enhanced our ability to guide clients with informed strategies but it transformed our company culture. More autonomy and support led to more connected teams, a reinvigorated office, and happier people. Planning for the MillerKnoll launch sparked the awareness that we were stepping into a new era of Intereum—one that calls for a fresh look.

Before and After the Intereum Brand Refresh

The focus of the refresh was to elevate our brand to encompass our sophisticated, classic, and people-centered approach. The ways we work and our ability to support customers have evolved, each individual contributor's abilities compounded by the strength of our internal support network. Intereum's approachable and attentive ethos has embodied a new confidence. We have the right people in the right seats making good, informed decisions on behalf of our customers. We like to say that Intereum has grown up. The new look and feel celebrates our growth and reaffirms our commitment to a shared goal: creating spaces that bring people together.


Charles Eames once said "The details are not the details. They make the design." That's all the validation we needed to obsess over the details. You may notice the subtle shift in the Intereum logo. A sophisticated, classic font was used exclusively for the refreshed wordmark. The bug element was removed from the logo to emphasize our name, but don't worry—a sleek, uniform-color version of the bug will still pop up in our branding. A new, neutral color palette paired with modern fonts embodies our fresh look. Intereum partners with premium brands to provide clients with the best solutions, and the elevation of our brand represents the premium service we're dedicated to delivering—since 1980.

An Iconic Partnership

We're bringing the best in modern design to the entire state as Minnesota's Certified MillerKnoll Dealer.

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